New Arrivals


photographed by peter ash lee

We’re constantly inspired by seeing how different people wear Club Monaco pieces. Here, friends and chic NYC girls-about-town Anna Gray and Brie Welch infuse their own personal styles into our latest fall arrivals.

Women New Arrivals 10_W_New-Arrivals_Image3.jpg

“When I get dressed, sometimes I’ll reference a particular image, like one of Charlotte Rampling or LouLou De La Falaise. They were both just so strong and feminine without overdoing anything.”


“My style references? Björk, Rudolph Schindler, Agnes Martin, and Helena Bonham Carter.”

Women New Arrivals 10_W_New-Arrivals_Image4.jpg

“I like a bit of weirdness as long as its contained—like this floral sweater and plaid scarf combo. It feels fresh.”

Women New Arrivals 10_W_New-Arrivals_Image6.jpg
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