Denim experts Claire Lampert & Stacy Daily bring their artfully patchworked vintage jeans to CLUB MONACO this month.

photographed by colin hofman
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Denim was a welcome challenge for us.
We started making jeans for a friend’s shop
installation and it caught on—one-of-a-kind,
reworked vintage.

Our biggest challenge came in sourcing the jeans
we would be reworking; having used jeans that
were pulled from vintage shops with personality,
as opposed to buying from the big warehouses by
the palette—we wanted to make sure we preserved
the storytelling and feeling of our product.

Blue jeans are decidedly American. In the color
blue, high, low, imperfect, structured yet unkempt,
fretted and frayed. They are classic, everyday.

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We work with collectors—a roster of antiquities
dealers and denim savants—to collect great-looking
jeans from the ’50s, ’60s, ’70s and early ’80s. We have
cowboys mining for denim—they are going into old
gold mines pulling up old miner's uniforms, from the
early 1900s. All over the map, mostly out west and in
Canada. Hunting for denim.

Finding the perfect jean means being torn between
the high and low. Finding a silver blue jean with a
crisp front crease to complement one that is fretted
and frayed. We’re still looking for the most imperfect
jean. The more dog-eared, the better.”— Claire Lampert & Stacy Daily

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