Photographer Lindsay Brown explores both sides of the lens, capturing our new collection—and a different side of herself—in one of her favorite New York neighborhoods.

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Photography & Words Lindsay Brown

Being the subject of my own work was a really introspective experience. I rarely think to photograph myself, yet it’s the most attainable thing. In this particular case, because they aren’t just for me, the images were very considered. Every shot was a moment of self-reflection.

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I love Brooklyn Heights for its sleepiness, its beautiful walk-ups, and it’s alleyways. I love that stores don’t open until noon, that every restaurant feels unique to the neighborhood, and that people on the street just seem genuinely happy to be there.”

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These were taken in front of the U.S. District Court—probably not the first place I would think to wear this outfit. But I appreciated how the windows captured Cadman Plaza Park in the background. It showed another side of the neighborhood.

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The shots of the dress were taken in the neighborhood flower shop, James Weir Floral Co. and an inspirational antique shop called Holler & Squall. I struck up a conversation with the owner of the antique shop and she was so gracious to let me shoot in her space. I think the shots in her store are my favorite.

A bar called Elsa was my favorite discovery. It’s sort of a dark interior space but as you keep walking through, it opens up into a beautiful backyard garden.”

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I am most inspired by my travels, whether it’s to a new neighborhood or across the ocean. There’s something about getting outside of my normal routine that pushes me to make new work. I love to photograph people and their spaces, landscapes, life’s little moments, and now maybe I’ll add self-portraits to the list.

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