a week in the julie

Author, photographer, and Reading My Tea Leaves blogger Erin Boyle applies her minimalist philosophy to our fall collection, spending five days in one of our most versatile essentials.

Photography ERIK MELVIN
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“I first started thinking about what it means to have a minimal wardrobe when I lived in a really, really tiny space. I always felt like my closet and dresser were crammed, but that I never had anything to wear. In such a limited space, it felt important that everything I owned earned its keep. I think that’s how I’d define the term: A wardrobe where, as much as possible, pieces are added thoughtfully, with intention, and with an eye toward each addition making easy work of getting dressed. I try to extend that philosophy into just about every aspect of my lifestyle. I want the things I surround myself with to do good work, whether it’s making my space more beautiful, or reminding me of someone I love, or solving a problem.”

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“I love things that are super pared down and simple—both when it comes to clothing and spaces. I really appreciate blank space and feel my most relaxed and creative in clothes and spaces that feel like they have a lot of breathing room.”

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“Most days include some amount of child wrangling, some amount of commuting, some amount of writing time, some amount of answering emails, and some amount of climbing on chairs to get the right shot. I’m always dressing for comfort. I love that this turtleneck is made mostly from merino so that it’s super warm without being at all bulky. The light weight makes it perfect for layering or for wearing all by itself.”




“I am a big fan of jumpsuits, but I often associate them with warmer weather. I love being able to layer a cozy turtle under a comfy jumpsuit.”

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“It’s strange for me to even remember that there was a time when I wasn’t comfortable with wearing the same thing over and over again, day in and day out. Now, it’s super typical for me to dress in the exact same thing for several days running. I think it’s the ultimate measure of whether you really love something.”

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