Soft Focus

Drawing inspiration from the natural world, painters Satsuki Shibuya, Alexandria Coe, and Danielle Romero have more than artistic skill in common. Photographed in their respective studio spaces in Los Angeles, London, and Miami, the artists discuss their processes and inspirations—while wearing the season’s coziest cashmere sweaters.

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Danielle Romero,
Painter & Ceramicist


Painter and ceramicist Danielle Romero of Flora & Form creates work that explores the in-depth relationship between nature and minimalism. Based in the agriculturally zoned district of Miami known as the Redlands, Romero finds herself inspired by the wilds that surround her on a daily basis.

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At my core, I am deeply moved by simplicity; or more so, that which appears extremely simple although perhaps is not. Natural landscapes are beautiful blocks of simplicity on the surface,
but when you look closer you find
a meticulous network of variation.”

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My work is about emotive responses and lack of perfection. Each drawing is minimal to represent a sense of beauty in less, rather than more.”

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Alexandria Coe, Painter


Inspired by the female form, London-based artist Alexandria Coe creates simplified drawings and paintings with a soft focus on line and shape.

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Satsuki Shibuya, Painter

Los Angeles

Known for her spiritual musings as much as her experimental paintings, artist Satsuki Shibuya uses color and free-flowing shapes to create compositions that are careful and considered with an organic, unrefined quality.

Although I never intentionally set out to create work categorized as feminine, a pull towards the feminine within—introspective, giving, radiant, quiet—has become stronger.”

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I love pieces that are
wearable, movable,
breathable, with
unexpected lines and
details—all brought
together to create a look
that is timeless and
uniquely my own.”

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