This season, we turned to illustrator Ryan McMenamy to create an original nautical print for our spring collection. Here, a closer look at the making of his dreamy undersea mélange.

Men The Making Of A Print image-1
“I like taking a life drawing approach to fashion illustration, really studying how a plaid curves around the body, or how a ruffle affects the hemline.”
Men The Making Of A Print image-2 Ryan sketches the lobster print in two of its real-life iterations, alongside this season’s plaids and ginghams.
Men New Arrivals image-3
“Being from a coastal town in New England, I’m very familiar with everything nautical. I decided to play with the realistic aspect of lobsters against more delicate elements, creating a range of hard and soft lines. I researched Victorian botanical drawings of seaweed which was great inspiration.”
Men New Arrivals image-sequence-001
“I’m most compelled to draw things that have a mood or feeling. I think there is an innate attraction to drawing in all of us.”
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