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Equestrianism, a modern, minimalist
aesthetic, and a life-long love affair with
the West Coast influence designer Kendall
Conrad’s timeless leather accessories.

Women Kendall Conrad 05_W_Kendall_Conrad_v3_02
“I started my line with handbags. Then, I was designing
custom brass hardware for the bags, and it led me
to jewelry. My sandals evolved from the details on
our leather cuffs…it’s all been a natural progression.”
“I basically grew up on horses. I love them. I find the gear and tack in English saddlery so beautiful and functional—it inspires my designs all the time. Bits, cinches, martingales, halter details, and bridles all make an appearance in my products. I also use bridle and saddle leather quite a bit as it is so durable and creates such an intricate patina as it ages.”
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“The integrity of my products is very important to me. We use the highest quality leathers from Italy and Spain, and everything is produced here in California.”
Women Kendall Conrad 05_W_Kendall_Conrad_v3_10
“I’ve been collecting books since my early twenties. My references revolve around everything from art and sculpture to science and nature books—it’s a diverse collection including Picasso, Richard Serra, Matisse, Gerhard Richter, Helen Frankenthaler, and on and on…”
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