• Filmmaker and model Vincent Lacrocq
    takes us around the streets of NYC
    in his 1969 Mustang and shows us
    how to wear this summer's essential looks.

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“Hitchcock is amazing.
A Hitchcock film is really in
the cinematography—the way
to tell the story. It’s what
impresses me the most.”

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I’ve been making films for a while—since I started modeling. I originally made films on the side while traveling and modeling. My first film was a short for the Nikon Film Festival in France. I wrote it with a friend and we shot it in New York. It was about a guy waking up in a world where film doesn’t exist anymore. He goes around frantically trying to find film, trying to buy it on the street, like from a drug dealer. It’s sort of dark but also funny.
I studied filmmaking in school in Paris for a year, but I realized I could learn a lot by myself. I learned a lot from the internet. People love to share what they know.
For the last year and a half, I’ve been making films with my girlfriend and partner, Kristell Chenut. We both film, both edit, both direct. She used to art direct photo shoots, so she’s really good with the creativity and general ideas. I’m better at some technical aspects. But we both work on everything together.
We make mostly fiction shorts, but we develop fashion films and commercial films as well. We always like to keep a story line to it—we try to find a concept or a theme with the lighting or within the lines.
We’re both currently writing 2-3 short film stories each. We want to make them with a higher level of production. We’re both interested in people’s lives and awkward situations. The sensibility of mankind, nature and creativity. I like when things are not perfect.
Some of the filmmakers I admire are Wes Anderson, Terrence Malick, Emir Kusturica, Jean Cocteau, François Truffaut, Jim Jarmusch. I could go on and on. Hitchcock is amazing. A Hitchcock film is really in the cinematography—the way to tell the story. It’s what impresses me the most.
The best advice I ever received came from my girlfriend. She told me to always stay myself, stick to who I am, go and live in the moment, and get inspiration from every day.
— Vincent Lacrocq, as told to Club Monaco To learn more, visit vincentlacrocq.com
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