Since 1978, Lardini has been internationally renowned and relied upon as the authority on quality Italian tailoring.

Modeled by Alireza Niroomand, the unofficial heart of Italian restaurant and gelateria Sant Ambroeus in Soho.

Men Lardini Lardini Linen Suit Jacket
How would you describe Sant Ambroeus?
First and foremost, a second home, not only to me and to our exceptional staff, but to all of our loyal guests as well. It is our priority to make each and every guest feel as if they are having a meal or a cup of coffee in their own home, feeling relaxed and comfortable. Similar to our sister restaurants, Sant Ambroeus Soho offers a contemporary interpretation of traditional Milanese cuisine, as well as its signature hospitality in a chic and vibrant atmosphere.
Best thing on the menu?
My favorite thing on the menu, besides our cappuccinos, are our pastas. I am married to an Italian, and Sant Ambroeus is one of the few restaurants in New York where I can safely have a pasta that is made like in Italy.
Favorite restaurant other than Sant Ambroeus?
I am a creature of habits, so I usually go to the same restaurants and those are usually my friend’s restaurants. Jack’s Wife Freda, where I am treated as if I am at home by Dean and Maya, and Uncle Boon’s, which is the best Thai in New York.
Can you cook?
I definitely can cook, I only hope you are not in a rush or starving. I am very, very picky when it comes to hosting. Everything has to be perfect.
Fashion icon(s)?
Steve McQueen, Giovanni Agnelli, my father.
Personal style:
I’m most comfortable in suits. That is the most natural to me.
Favorite Lardini piece?
The reversible trench and the navy jacket are my favorite looks.
Travel tip?
Travel light; it is so nice to not have to wait for a suitcase!
Favorite destination?
Paris, to resource and get new inspirations.
Places you’ve lived?
Tehran, Iran, where I was born; Paris, France, where we moved after the revolution in Iran when I was 4; New York, NY, became my home 12 years ago. It is where I became a man and built a family.
Best movie?
Mean Streets, Apocalypse Now, Crash, The Thomas Crown Affair.
Best Book?
Albert Camus’s L’Étranger.
Playing on repeat?
Asaf Avidan “Love It or Leave It”; Lilly Wood & the Prick “Prayer in C”; Disclosure “You & Me” (Flume Remix); Lee Moses “Bad Girl”; Woodkid “I Love You.”
Morning person or night owl?
Due to the nature of my business, I am definitely a night owl.
Coffee or tea?
I work at Sant Ambroeus, so COFFEE! Hands down the best coffee in New York.
Defining life moment?
Becoming a father.
Men Lardini Lardini Blazer
Men Lardini Lardini Blazer
Men Lardini Sant Ambroeus
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