Fabrics & Fibers

Quality is our signature. Designed for longevity and durability, we prioritize pieces that live on season after season, with intention and integrity woven throughout the materials and processes we use. We’re equally invested in our fabrics and fibers—because the most sustainable garment is the one you keep the longest.

Club Signature

Our fabrics make us who we are. They’re our Signature—the starting point for every design and used 365 days a year.

Signature KnitsSoft, Cozy, Easy

CottonComfortable, Easy, Versatile

SuitingStructured, Sleek, Tailored

Fluid FabricsSoft, Sophisticated, Elevated

LinenNatural, Breathable, Lightweight

SilkElevated, Supple, Smooth

WoolCozy, Soft, Durable

CashmereLuxurious, Lofty, Warm

Signature Knits

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Perfect Ponte

A substantial, double-knit, form-fitting ponte fabric known for its clean structure. A fabric with good retention that skims and molds to the body exactly as you’d want.

Signature Refined Micro Pique

Our refined micro pique is a Signature take on classic pique, with a languid, easy drape and a sophisticated finish with micro-texture for interest.

Sandwashed Scuba

This best-selling fabric has been called our “softest ever”. Sandwashed scuba, a uniquely Club fabric, is soft and supple with a sandwashed surface for a particularly soft hand. This Signature fabric is known for giving its garments muted, desaturated colors and an easy, relaxed feel that maintains more structure and shape than traditional soft fabrics.

Signature Rib

Cotton-blended with modal for extra softness, our Signature rib-knit fabric hugs in all the right places with the perfect amount of stretch. Known for giving our best selling tees a “just-right” fit.


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Pima Cotton

Composed of higher quality, longer staple fibers than traditional cotton, pima cotton is known for its softness, strength, and durability. A Club Signature fabric, pima cotton-fabricated styles are lightweight with a drapey fit and a soft, clean finish.

Our heavier weight pima cotton features all the benefits of regular pima, but with a different construction that results in slightly more structured drape.

Signature Pique Cotton

Mercerized cotton pique creates a comfortable fit and subtle texture with a hint of stretch for added ease and mobility. Pique is known for its Signature subtle texture and honeycomb structure—think of a polo shirt.

Mercerized Cotton

With a dressed-up feel and a sophisticated touch, mercerized cotton features a subtle sheen. The crisp construction gives it a slightly heavier weight and a clean, structured feel we can’t get enough of.

Cotton Flannel

A seasonal favorite for a reason. Soft and reliable, flannel is known for its comfort, its pure cotton content, and its easy care. Club flannel is finished with a slightly brushed surface for an extra warm and cozy feel.

Cotton Oxford

Named after Oxford University, cotton Oxford is known for its polished look and soft hand. Despite its refined reputation, this pure cotton fabric is incredibly comfortable and easy to care for.

Refined Stretch Cotton

Our refined stretch styles feature a versatile weight for year-round wear with a hit of stretch for comfort, function, and wearability. The fine twill construction offers a clean, refined look, and a seasonless weight. Its garment-washed finish gives it an extra soft and comfortable feel.

Technical Stretch Cotton

This clean, compact, technical cotton blend creates a sleek, tailored shape while the added 3% stretch allows for comfort and function. The perfect refined, elevated fabric with a nylon blend for a polished yet sporty construction.

Signature Suiting

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Technical Stretch Suiting

Our modern technical suiting blend is sleek, tailored, and constructed to maintain a comfortable fit. This fabric contains recycled polyester from post-consumer waste, as well as Ecovero™ viscose.

Signature Wool Blend Suiting

Our best-selling wool-blend suiting is inspired by traditional tailoring, with a hint of stretch for comfort. The majority of our Borrem suiting styles are made with recycled poly made from post-consumer waste, making them easier on the Earth.

Signature Soft Drape Twill

This Signature twill is composed of Lyocell-blended fibers made from wood pulp. These twill styles have a luxe, drapey look that’s just as comfortable as it sounds.

Fluid Fabrics

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Matte Luster Satin

Known for their lustrous look, our satin pieces are refined and sophisticated with a fluid fit. These pieces are made from polyester recycled from post-consumer waste, making it easier on the Earth.


Our allover pleated pieces are crafted of polyester recycled from post-consumer waste. This material helps to assure the pleats maintain their shape and structure over time.


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Lightweight and cooling, with an airy, breathable feel. Found in Club knits, sweaters, shirts, dresses, and more, linen is made from flax and known for its comfort, durability, and strength.


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There’s nothing quite like silk. A historically luxurious fabric known for its strength and fluidity, silk is made of a filament fiber spun from the cocoon of a silk worm. Additionally, our woven silk styles are dyed or printed without the use of hazardous chemicals in a process that uses reduced water and energy. Note: Silk requires special care. Please see recommendations below.


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Our wool can be found in many of our sweaters and outerwear. A natural animal fiber, Club wool styles are made using wool from sheep, alpaca, mohair, and yak, among others—each with uniquely different characteristics. To reduce our reliance on virgin materials, select wool outerwear styles are made with recycled wool from pre- and post-consumer waste, making them easier on the Earth.

Merino Wool

Spun from the fleece of Merino sheep, merino wool is finer than other types of wool. With a refined, extra-soft quality and notable durability, merino wool can be found in many Club sweaters as well as men’s and women’s Signature merino styles.


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There’s cashmere, then there’s Club cashmere. We take pride in our cashmere and internally know it as our Signature fabrication. Spun from the fleece of cashmere goats, our cashmere is known for its soft, warm feel with a timeless quality.

Our Signature techniques include boiled cashmere—with its compact feel and extra soft hand—and doublefaced, with a double construction for a fluid drape and extra luxury feel.

Bare Cashmere

Our Signature undyed and minimally processed cashmere. The soft natural colors, including cream, oat, taupe, rye, and chestnut reflect the characteristic colors of the goats that produced the cashmere fiber. The minimal processing results in an even softer handfeel.

Recycled Cashmere

Our recycled cashmere is spun from pre-consumer reclaimed cashmere remnants so it’s easier on the Earth.

Care Guide

The most sustainable garment in your closet is the one you wear most often. We choose fabrics for their durable qualities and design garments with longevity in mind. By properly caring for your garment, you’ll extend its life leading to a more sustainable relationship with fashion.

How to care for cashmere and silk