As the high energy of summer comes to a close, we reflect on another step towards a new season, a new beginning, a new opportunity.

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This year has been complicated to say the least, but it’s allowed us the chance to take a collective pause and look deeper into ourselves—the nuances that make us unique, the layers within our personalities that have been with us since the start, and the ones that emerge and grow over time. And with those layers, always changing and developing, being shed and added on, we discover what matters most and allow our priorities to shift.

And, with the literal layers we put on to armor us from the cold, we can’t help but think of the larger cultural layers we’ve used as an armor, a protector throughout the year—our community, our relationships, our goals—all wrapped around us, layered perfectly to make us feel whole.

Self-expression through style has always been our favorite way to show the different sides of ourselves, and this year we're embracing every one of those sides with cashmere and wool favorites that feel as good as they look.

Your turn.

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